Save The Youth’s goal is to begin as early as grade three and train the
youth in the areas of music, arts, engineering, law, medicine, and other
career fields.  The goal is to equip young people for future careers as
engineers, scientist, doctor, lawyers, or other professionals.  Save The
Youth wants to prepare youth to be a key part of the 21st century career
professionals.  This goal become more critical as the world requirements
result in an increase demand for personnel with skills that are regarded as
essential to high-growth, high-demand industries. Future plans and
community donations will allow Save The youth to effectively prepare
young people/future generation by collaborating with employers and
educational institutions.  Along with other important career fields, Save
the youth wants to make the Science, Technology, Engineering, and
Mathematics (STEM) skill shortage areas a beseeching youth focal point.  
Careers ( Law, Engineering, Etc.)